mostly butter

Past Residents:
Tanya Long
Jim Bullard
Kelley O’Brien
Wade Tullier
Lindsey Farris
Kirsten Helmer
Alex Wilson
Oriana Hirschberg
Sophie Eisner
Clare Gatto
Marcellus Armstrong
Rachel Pontious
Will Dix
Evan Fay
Jake Boyt
Marigrace Francis
Ege Store
Elise DeChard
Finn Schult
Karen Lee
Carrie Perreault
Maya Davis

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Mostly Butter is back! 

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is a food based artist residency out of my house in Detroit, MI where we will bake, cook, and eat together.

Mostly Butter: English Muffins with Oriana Hirshberg, a recipe artist book


Things we’ve baked: